Defend Yourself From Unlawful Employment Practices

Defend Yourself From Unlawful Employment Practices

Get help with wage and hour claims from Testa & Associates, LLP in San Marcos & Vista, CA

Some employers might want you to think that you work at their pleasure, but you have a list of guaranteed rights as a worker in San Marcos & Vista, CA. If your employer has been abusing their authority, contact Testa & Associates, LLP. Our employment law attorney can review your situation and help you through every step of the legal process, from providing legal counsel to representing you in court.

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Cases we can help with

We nearly three decades of experience, our employment law attorney can help you with all kinds of situations. We offer legal services for wage and hour claims involving employers' failure to...

  • Provide mandatory meal or rest breaks (including requiring you to work during your break)
  • Pay overtime wages despite being encouraged or required to work after-hours
  • Compensate you for travel time required by the job

If you feel you deserve compensation or were mistreated by your employer, call our law office at 760-891-0490. We'll help you build a strong case.