Have questions about employment during COVID-19?

Have questions about employment during COVID-19?

Let us help you figure them out!

At Testa & Associates LLP, We want to ensure that you are aware of all rights that you have when it comes to employment. We have put together some questions that have been asked frequently for your help! If you do not see your question below or have other questions give us a call 760-891-0490! We look forward to helping you navigate through this time.

If my employer has moved me to work remotely do I still get to take lunch breaks?

Yes because California meal laws apply regardless of whether you are working from home, your garage, or in the office.

Do I have to take phone calls while working remotely at all hours of the day?

No, you don't. You only have to take calls during what would be your normal daily hours of work. California rest break laws still apply even though you are working remotely such that you don't have to take calls during your breaks, or meal periods, or outside of normal business hours.

Since I have been working from home, I'm using and paying for my own internet expenses such as WIFI. Should I get reimbursed from my employer?

Yes, if your employer is requiring you to use the internet from home, the employer should reimburse you for those expenses.

Since I'm working remotely, I'm taking all work related calls on my cell phone which I pay for. Can I get paid back those expenses?

Yes, if you use your personal cell phone for work purposes, you are entitled to be reimbursed for a reasonable percentage of your bill for work related expenses.

Since I'm using my home to work for my employer what about my utility charges like water, electricity, furniture etc, can I get reimbursed for those?

There are no clear answers as to these expenses. Generally California Law requires that employees be reimbursed for expenses which are directly required for the employee to discharge his/her job duties.