When You Can't Reach an Agreement in Your Business Dispute

When You Can't Reach an Agreement in Your Business Dispute

Enter the courtroom with San Marcos & Vista, CA's premier business law attorney

You and your former business partner have worked hard to grow a company you two can be proud of. Unfortunately, that once amicable partnership is quickly dissolving, causing you both to fight without reaching a solution.

If you and your previous business partner aren’t seeing eye-to-eye and can only resolve the dispute in court, hire Testa & Associates, LLP. Since 1988, we’ve helped numerous San Marcos & Vista residents with their corporate legal trouble.

You can count on us to litigate:

  • Partnership disputes
  • Contractual disputes
  • Real property disputes
  • Construction disputes

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Know what to expect before going to court

Trying to navigate the legal system can be complicated, frustrating and stressful. From remembering court dates to filing the appropriate paperwork, a lawsuit is filled with potential pitfalls. Don't risk losing your case because you made a mistake. Count on Testa & Associates, LLP in San Marcos & Vista for effective representation.

In addition to corporate disputes, we manage cases involving employment issues and personal injury. Tell Testa & Associates, LLP about your legal need today.