Find an Auto Accident Attorney in San Marcos or Vista, CA

Find an Auto Accident Attorney in San Marcos or Vista, CA

Defend your rights with help from Testa & Associates, LLP

How many times have you passed someone on the road and saw them texting while driving? Unfortunately, it's a common sight. That's why Testa & Associates, LLP is dedicated to helping those who have been involved in auto accidents in the San Marcos & Vista, CA area.

We handle every type of auto accident case, from highway accidents to reckless driving. If you've been injured in an accident, don't try to fight your legal battle on your own. That's what we're here for.

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Don't take your charge lightly

Whether you ran a red light or you were driving while intoxicated, you could be facing a steep penalty. For a first offense, you may:

  • Have your license suspended temporarily
  • Be required to pay a fine
  • Be required to attend a drug or alcohol program
  • Spend time in jail

Often times, Insurance companies will contact you and try to get you to sign important documents that waive your important rights away. We at Testa & Associates have over 30 years in dealing with all types of insurance companies and you should let us deal with them as it can be very stressful. We understand representing thousands of people involved in accidents for over 3 decades the many types of injury that can occur and what compensation is required under the law from death to fractures to spinal injuries to soft tissue injuries. We also have a great team of consultants and experts that can help form a great team for you and your loved ones to get the just results and damages that you are entitled too under California law.

The law may threaten to strip you of your driving privileges, but an attorney will do everything possible to affect that outcome. Contact Testa & Associates, LLP today to find out your next steps.